work in words, we do. so you do too.
Agreed‚ it’s not a particularly flashy name. But then again neither Christopher Dawes nor Ian Hare are particularly flashy.
Instead‚ we can lay claim to being accomplished writers. So here we are in a nutshell.
  Chris enjoyed a long career as a senior writer at Melody Maker‚ and has edited a number of music and style magazines‚ including The Buzz‚ Muzik and Mondo. He tends to keep it quiet‚ but he was one of the last people to see Kurt Cobain alive.

Chris is also a successful author. His latest book is Rat Scabies and the Holy Grail‚ which is developing one hell of a cult following. Whisper it‚ but a film is possibly on the cards.

When he’s not dashing off stories about a punk rock legend‚ Chris uses his considerable editing and writing skills to turn laboured or formal business writing into warm‚ conversational English.

  After a stint getting in the way of stars at the BBC‚ Ian turned to business writing with the Burton Morris writing consultancy.

Ian has worked with the Customer Service and Executive teams at Sainsbury’s‚ rewritten letters for British Airways and Phones 4U‚ edited Lloyds TSB material for tone of voice and submitted pack copy for the launch of Squeezy Marmite. He still can’t understand why the haiku that ended ‘gladden my sandwich’ wasn’t chosen.

He’s since become a qualified journalist and his work has been published in a number of local and national magazines and newspapers‚ including FC Business‚ Fair Game and FourFourTwo.
  And not forgetting John. He’s our science man. The yin to our yang. Or vice versa‚ we forget which.

John’s extensive web knowledge is vital to our web copy arm. Very simply‚ the words you choose for your web page decide if the search engines find you - or your competitors. There’s a knack to being top. If you need advice‚ then John’s your uncle.

Once you’ve decided which words will do the job‚ Chris and Ian will seamlessly include them in your copy. Doesn’t matter if they’re ‘aardvark’‚ ‘zucchini’ or something highly technical. You won’t even notice.

For all your
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Work in Words – part of the
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  Frankly‚ we’re good at what we do. And what we do is turn your copy into something that grabs the reader’s attention. Engaging‚ punchy‚ warm and empathic. Of course‚ if you just need something tidied up‚ we’re just as happy to do that too.

We know we’re good value for money. But if you’d like a price‚ just call us‚ or send your copy through and tell us what you need. We’ll be gentle. Promise.